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  • 09.09.2020
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Kezil | 09.09.2020
I've always enjoyed a shitshow, so I'd go to the party and make sure my camera had a full charge. Just be safe and keep something (like a table or a lady with a baby) between you and Kim's mom so she can't stab you. Or you can take the boring route, and just take your brother out for a birthday dinner. I'm sure he'd enjoy it.
Nikogor | 17.09.2020
Skimpy gal is just attempting to bey by and fit into society. I think she will be ok. I would be glad to help her adapt to our customs.
Mikagrel | 17.09.2020
Gawd, I love those meat flaps!
Shaktigal | 18.09.2020
Great post. I agree 100%. Heroism of Soviet soldiers and partisans was a huge factor. But losses could be much smaller if Soviet wouldn't apply barbarian methods of fight. many cities and town could be taken with less lives lost, but commanders had orders to take this town to the birthday of this or that Politburo member or Stalin himself, to the date of this or that Communist holiday. And commanders simply sent their soldier under fire.
Kazikus | 18.09.2020
Silent killer

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