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  • 17.01.2021
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Zulusar | 18.01.2021
Je vais au Canada pour que je puisse sentir ton goût sur mes lèvres.
Mak | 19.01.2021
Me add ae vc e uma delicia brasil aki
Narr | 21.01.2021
Corruption is not a solely socialistic trait, sadly it is in some (too many? humans to be corruptible. And poverty? Capitalism has killed millions too through its policies. Millions have died in India and Ireland because profits were been more important to the capitalist overlords than preventing human suffering. I m not saying that socialistic overlords were better. To stay in power they also did terrible, evil things, but that is the nature of the powerful, it is not reatricted to socialists in power. The little people are expendable in almost all societies. I am not sure if that will ever change, unless we return to the ways of out ancestors. In a tribe every member was important to survival, losing even the least meant losing an essential part.
Tuzahn | 23.01.2021
wow. you are just Beautiful. I can't wait tonight to see all your movies. LittleHer xoxo

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