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  • 24.06.2019
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Vira | 24.06.2019
Thanks everyone for your compliments. Are super sweet and mean alot to me. Love making videos for all of you; )
Tozuru | 25.06.2019
Movies like this always amaze me.
Nazragore | 26.06.2019
Some superstitions do have a factual basis, walking under a ladder can be bad for you if whoever is on the ladder drops something on your head, for example, but others, not so much. A black cat crossing your path does not bring you bad luck, nor does failing to toss spilt salt over your left shoulder. But that is not the kind of superstition we are referring to here, is it? Here we are referring to ghosts and goblins and calling them gods. Religions ARE superstitions!
Dogrel | 30.06.2019
Dios mio que morbazo. ¿Donde dices que da esta diosa clases de yoga? Es que hace tiempo que necesito estirar un poco y relajarme. Sencillamente magnifico ♥
Togul | 30.06.2019
Oi delícia que rabo gostoso

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